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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 16c - Twilight Palace

Kill the Twilight Monsters that show up in this room, and slice through the fog to find four crystal orbs. Spin attack them at the same time to send your platform up, with you on it. More platforms appear around you, so you need to go on each successive platform and not fall down. Go on the one east and ride it forward, then take the left one and ride it up. Clawshot onto the nearby platform and take the next platform. Hit the clawshot target on the ceiling and drop onto the next platform as it is below you.

Jump down to the solid platform to the west and kill the floating enemy. Clawshot back to the ceiling target and go on the solid platform to the east.  Kill the floating enemy to find the small key! Jump onto the platform closest to the chest and ride it up to the locked door at the top. Great, we're outta this room!

Take out all of these Twilight Monsters in here, and head north to the Boss Room!

Boss Battle: Usurper King - Zant
Zant wants to be the Twilight Princess, but don't we all? The trick with Zant took me about five or six deaths to figure out. Yes I died fighting this turd. The trick is that each form he takes closely resembles an enemy from each dungeon you beat. That means that the first form he takes is from the FOREST TEMPLE. So you have to use your boomerang.

I want to just give a shot out to all the Midnas out there who give out false fighting instructions (Hey Link just use your sword or shield to reflect his energy back at him) YEAH WAY TO GO MIDNA. WAY TO GO WITH YOUR LIES. Geez. Anyway, onto the fight.

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Form 1: Forest Temple: Use your boomerang to bring him to the ground, and then attack him with your sword a few times to bring him to the next form!

Form 2: Goron Mines: Zant will jump up and down and eventually lose his breath. Use your Iron Boots to stay steady and when he rests, run over and slice him.

Form 3: Lakebed Temple: Use your Zora Armor and Iron Boots, and your clawshot. Many helmets pop out of the sand, but only one has Zant in it, so clawshot him out and slice him up.

Form 4: Forest Temple 2: He wants to act like Spanky The Monkey. That's alright, we've got all the time in the world. Knock him from his totem pole by rolling into it and slicing him in the butt. Yes. The butt. Continue until he gives up for the next form.

Form 5: Snowpeak: Zant wants to act like the Yeti girl, and he will try to stomp on you. Smack him in the foot with your ball and chain, and he will shrink. Start slicing him up a bunch until he just plain gives up with that.

Form 6: True Form. Finally: Now you're outside Hyrule Castle. He takes out two swords and goes crazy-go-nuts all over you. Just keep hitting him and he'll keep teleporting. After you hit him enough, he will die in a sad funny way.

You get your final heart container! What you don't have all 20? Check out our Zelda Twilight Princess Secrets page! It's a winner!

Leave the Twilight Realm for good (be sure to say goodbye to your weird tall friends you met).