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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 16b - Twilight Palace

Kill the three twilight monsters and the four floating enemies to make a chest appear. Clawshot to the east alcove to find the Dungeon Map! Open the chest in the west alcove for a small key, and take it to the north door and open it.

You find the next Sol Orb. Kill the phantom Zant again and take the Sol Orb with you. Place it on the switch and then run up the steps and clawshot it again. Go on to the next room.

In this room you have to put the orb in the switch on the floor and then stand on the staircase before it rises up - it's a little hard. Once you're on top, grapple the Orb and go south again.

Leap across all the platforms with the Sol until you get to the south, and go through the door. Bring it to two crystal balls to make a platform that takes you to the entrance!

Outside, in the dungeon's entrance, take the Sol orb to the middle platform and put it next to the other Sol orb. Your Master Sword gets an awesome golden light! Now it can slice the black fog away! Excellent!

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Go directly north and slice away at the waterfall of darkness (using a spin attack works great) and jump across the gap. Go straight north. Now, use your sword to blow away fog in the middle of the dungeon. Take the Sol orbs and place them in the sockets that you uncovered with your sword.

Go up the staircase to find another crystal orb. Hit it with your sword to make a platform show up. Ride it over to the east and kill the floating enemies. A chest with a small key appears, so get the key. Move in the middle of the crystal orbs and use a Spin attack to get them all at once, and another platform shows up for you to take to the east exit.

Now you're outside. This is where you get the Big Key! There is a huge waterfall of darkness there, so spin attack it and jump behind it! That took me a good thirty minutes or so to figure out, and I forgot I didn't have the Big Key until I got to the boss door, doh! After you jump behind the waterfall, clawshot up and up to find the Big Key in a chest! Goto the other side of the waterfall of darkness. Goto the edge of the balcony and spin attack those two crystal orbs. Ride the platform to the area in the south and kill the floating enemy. After you kill that one, three more appear on the balcony, so go back and kill them too. A chest with a small key shows up, so go on the northern door that leads west.