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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 16a - Twilight Palace

This dungeon is long but pretty simple. When you enter, head north to find a Twilight Being. Midna will explain all about them. Go northeast and go through that door.

In the first room you've gotta take on a bunch of enemies. Kill them all for a chest with a small key. Clawshot to the north door and go through it. Kill the floating enemy in the fog and find the two treasure chests. One has the compass, the other a key. Clawshot to the next north door and go through it.

The camera shows a hand clutching a white ball. You need to bring this ball, "Sol" back to the Twilight Beings near the entrance. You get blocked off immediately from it. You must fight this Zant Phantom (think wizrobes from the very first Zelda game). It's actually quite a fun fight! He creates a vortex which makes a bunch of enemies show up, so kill them and then rush after the phantom. He appears and disappears quite rapidly so keep looking around and jump attacking him until you finally hit him. Keep hitting him to finally destroy him.

Goto the orb hand and hit it to make it let go of the orb. Watch out, this sucker starts chasing you (kinda like the weird Yin/Yang face in Super Mario Bros. 2, but also like the huge hands in other Zelda games). Grab the Sol Orb and go to the middle of the room. Drop the Sol orb into that orb-shaped socket to make the stairs go up. Run up the stairs and then clawshot the Sol orb off the switch and take it to the next room.

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The hand follows you from room to room, so take the Sol Orb and put it in the socket in the middle of the floor to make a spiral staircase show up. Run to the top of the staircase and then grab the Sol orb again with a clawshot, and go south again.

There's a heart piece in this room, in the eastern alcove, so take the Sol over there to get rid of the fog. Then grapple up and get the chest with the heart piece! Now take the Sol to the next door south after doing the stairs again. You will see the Twili beings like the Sol Orb, so take it to the middle platform, and place it there.

When you place the Sol Orb near the entranceway, a platform appears to take you to the west wing of the dungeon. Ride it over there and go through the door. There is already some fog in this room, so use your clawshot and platform skill to reach the northern door. Kill the floating enemy to make a small key chest appear. Grab it and go through the north.