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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 12b - Temple of Time

Miniboss: Darknut
This guy is pretty tough. The backslice works well on him. Try looping around and hitting him, and use your shield attack whenever you can. If he does a vertical attack, he's vulnerable before he lifts his sword back up.

After you knock his armor off, he takes his cooler sword and starts parrying your stuff. Use shield attack + jump attack combo to get him. Once you've defeated him, you get the Dominion Rod! Woo! You use this tool to shoot a controlling magical ball into statues to control them!

Get your Dominion Rod out and aim it at the statue on the ledge above you. Move it to under the huge bell thing and it will get transported to the next room. Follow it to the next room. Make the statue break the gates by pressing B. Put a jar on the floor switch to lower part of the floor, and then move the statue onto that.

Break the jar to raise the statue and keep going. When you're in the room with the spiky rollers, move the statue ahead of you to deactivate the electricity. Move the statue through here and you can kill the rollers with the statue also. Go down east.

Kill the laser statue to find a floor switch. Shoot your dominion rod at a small statue on top of a pillar nearby to bring it down. Send the small statue to the floor switch. Send the big statue through the bell and then go back north.

Time for the Scale Game. First, place the big statue on the left scale. Then cross the scales and you can see three statues on the wall. Use the dominion rod to bring them all down.

Clawshot yourself to the southeastern corner of the room. Take the small statue there and bring it to the other small statues. Put them all on the right scale. Stand on the right scale to balance it and then take control of the big statue. Make the big statue come to the right scale, and then throw all the little statues onto the left scale.

Send the big statue down the stairs into the bell thing. Don't leave this room yet. Raise one of the scales a little bit and find another clawshot target on the ceiling. Let go and find a Spinner track on the wall. Use your spinner to ride it to the west door, and enter.

Kill the iron mask guys and the armos here and use your clawshot to goto the higher ledge. Get the red rupee chest and get the three statues onto the three switches, and then use one of the iron masks to weigh down the last switch. Now you can jump down and get the Big Key!! Go back into the scale room and go down the stairs.

In the room with the moving walls, move the statue to the switch north of it and keep going. Put the statue on a switch to stop the electric barrier and then move the statue down the stairs. Just use the statue to bash through the next set of moving walls and send it to the next room and follow it.

You're in the room with the Link-powered elevator, so bring the elevator all the way to the top and put the statue on. Bring the elevator to the bottom floor and kill all the little spiders to get to the outside of the room. Send the statue down one more floor.

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You're in the room with the rotating up-and-down platform, with the statue appearing at the top. Grab hold of the platform's mechanism and bring it all the way to the top. Get the statue on the platform and bring it all the way down. At the bottom, kill all the little spiders to deactivate an electric current, allowing you to pass to the outside of the room. Bring the statue to the outside of the room, and send it down one more floor.

Have it go ahead and destroy all the gates in your way. Clawshot over one of the gates. Bring it all the way down to the last bell. Now go all the way back to the very first room.

Move the statue to where it belongs next to the north door. Now you opened the door! Go inside and run through all the spiky sliders, rollers, and pendulums, and kill the laser guy. Halfway down the gauntlet is a small statue behind a pillar. Bring it with you to put it on the switch to open the front gate. Use the dominion rod on the statue when you are between both gates to open the back gate. Go into the boss room

Boss Battle: Twilit Arachnid - Armogohma

This boss is very hard to figure out how to kill. The tools required are your bow and your dominion rod. You pretty much shoot the spider when its eye is open, when it's over a beam of light. Then when it falls down, you use your dominion rod on the statue in front of it. Press B to make the statue hit the spider. It will spawn a ton of little hatchlings so you gotta kill those. After about 3 rounds of being hit with a statue, the spider will be done for.

After you kill it, it still flops around like a funny little spider, so go ahead and shoot it three times with an arrow. Alright, you beat a very difficult boss! Take the heart container and mirror shard, and get outta there!