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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 12a - Temple of Time

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I'll be honest with you, this temple is pretty huge. But don't let that get you down. It's hard to get lost as the action is all room-to-room.

Start off by going into the center room and see the statue near the northern door. Turn into a wolf and see that there is a statue missing. That will be the main objective of this dungeon - to find that statue and open the door. Place a pot or a small statue on that switch nearby to open the platform to the east. Climb up and go around to the west. Light the two torches for a small key. Go up the stairs to the southern door and find Ooccoo just before you go through the southern door.

You have to kill the spidery Gohma here and then look around for a jar to place on the switch in the middle of the room. Goto the southern alcove for a chest with arrows and then go west, killing the gohma on the way up the stairs. A gate is closed so use a clawshot to break the jar that is on the switch. Continue up the stairs until the next room. There's a bunch of lizard guys waiting for you, so go ahead and wipe them out with your cool moves. Hit the statue in the corner to make it come to life.

You should probably smack him around with your ball and chain a few times to stun him and then hit him from behind to kill him. Get the chest with the dungeon map and then use the two statues on a ledge to weigh down the two switches, then go north and east through the door. Kill the group of lizard guys and then go up the stairs. Go up the spinner track and goto the circular platform structure in the middle. Circle around to the west and find a small hollow statue. Set it down in the middle of the platform.

Now push the platform thing clockwise until you're at the bottom floor. Get the second small statue. Bring them up one level (so you should be at the floor right above the ground floor, with both statues). Goto the south end of the floor and put the two statues on the two switches to get access to the door. Go through that door.

The door locks behind you (haha sucker, you fell for my misleading directions)! You have to kill the two Armos guys here so make it fast! You get a chest with a small key. Go out to the room with the Link-powered elevator and go on the same floor to the north locked door. Kill the laser-eye guy with an arrow, and then go right next to it and shoot the crystal switch. Go into the middle part of the room and then hit the switch again. Kill another laser guy and get the compass in a chest near the laser guy. Shoot the crystal switch again and go northeast and then south into the next room.

This room has crystal switches too! In the middle of the room, kill the lizard guy and then shoot the crystal switch. Goto the next area and kill the lizard guys and then shoot the switch again. Go through the southern passage to the next floor.  Kill all the enemies for a purple rupee chest and then head up to the big scale.

Step onto the scale to tip it to the right, then grab a statue on there and throw it to the left scale. Cross the scale on the left side and go through the southern door. Kill the laser guy in front of you and go up the stairs to the west. Kill the lizard men and get past the spiky rollers and swinging blade to get a key out of a chest. Goto the northwest corner and pick up the small statue and bring it to the nearby switch to stop the electricity. Go up the stairs.

Kill the baby spiders for another purple rupee chest. Kill the Armos and open the gate to the east. Climb up and unlock the east door. You're in the top room of the dungeon! Only one thing to do here, and that is to fight the miniboss!