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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 10b - Snowpeak Ruins

Once you go through the north courtyard door, you see two suits of armor standing around, so go to the north door. You get caught in another trap, way to go. One of the armors comes to life.

Miniboss: Armored Knight
You might remember this guy from Zelda: A Link to the Past. You might not. He was the first major enemy you fought in that game, right before you saved Zelda for the first time. He's a lot harder in this game. Grapple onto the ceiling with your clawshot to get behind him. Attack his butt and keep using this strategy until you completely destroy him.

You get the most awesome weapon in the game: The Ball And Chain. AWESOME. You don't actually have to swing your Wii remote around but hey it's pretty cool though. You can use this to destroy most things that would otherwise need bombs (big rocks, etc.) You move slower when you have it out, so put it away if you want to run.

Now finally go through the north door and use the Ball and Chain to plow through the ice. Get the chest here for some goat cheese. Greaaaat. Bring it back to the Yeti Husband. After the yeti punches it out of you, the soup is better so grab some. Talk to the wife and she opens the door east of her. Go through the east door. Go north into the side courtyard room and push the block into the hole. Go back and break the ice out of the way. Go up and up, avoiding the ice monster breath.

On the second floor, break the ice to find a cannon. Go through the northern door to be assaulted by an Ice Soldier. Break him up with your ball and chain and then smash the nearby ice for a clawshot target. You also must hit the hanging chandelier so it starts swinging. Hit it and then ride it to the other side of the room to get a key in a chest. Take it to the previous room with the cannon, and unlock the southwest door.

Hit the ice away for another clawshot target, and make the other chandelier. Go to the other side and kill the ice soldier. There's a heart piece if you go on the 3 other chandeliers across the room. Go through the west door. Destroy all the baddies and the ice here for a Poe. Take its soul and go north. The block puzzle returns, but this time you need to add a block to the equation, so push it downstairs.

Break the ice on the middle of the block puzzle and the ice covering another pushable block. To solve this ice puzzle: Face NORTH. Push the left block up. Push the top right block left. Push the bottom block up. Push the upper left block down. Push the top block right, down, left, then up.