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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 10 - Snowpeak Ruins

The Yeti Wife is sick. Oh dear. You must help her in order to get the Mirror Shard. In the first room, kill the Poe and go through the north door. Talk to the wife and she gives you a map to the key to her bedroom. Go west to the kitchen. Ooccoo is in here in the southwest, but I hate that chicken so I didn't get her. Continue through the north door.

A block puzzle in a cold place, alright cool! Push the southeast block west, and push the northwest block east, south, west, and then south. It will keep the switch down so you can go through the east door, so go through. This is just part of the courtyard, so dig under the wall to go outside. Kill the white wolfs and dig up a treasure chest in an obvious spot for a key. Go through the door to the west.

Watch out for the sliding Ice Turds that freeze you. Go through the locked door to the north. Kill the Ice Turds and go through the west door. In this room, head to the southern door, and it will lock in front of you. Two Ice Soldiers appear. Defeat them with back slice, helm splitter, and shield attack. The doors unlock and you get a chest with a pumpkin in it. Too bad the key was supposed to be there.

Bring the pumpkin to the husband yeti in the kitchen. He takes your pumpkin and makes his soup better. You can bottle the soup at any time by dipping in. Right now the soup heals 4 hearts. Go talk to the wife in the next room and she'll open another door and show you the north room where she thinks it is. Go through the door she opens.

In this half of the courtyard, kill the white wolfs and go through the north door on the east side. Take a cannonball to the northeast corner of the room, and place it inside the cannon (stand next to it until it says "A: Load" or something). Fire the cannon west (you can push it around to aim it differently) and then drop a bomb inside it. It will open a place with a bomb chest, and then fire the cannon again, but this time south.  Go through the south door.

Watch out because the floorboards are in bad shape. There are also slippery parts, so be careful. Use your clawshot on the freezing jerks that come bother you (SERIOUSLY they are annoying) before they knock you to the abyss. The prize in this room is the compass, that shows you where chests are hidden (you need it in this level). Go back to the courtyard and dig in the middle of the snow where a treasure mark is on your map.

You get a small key, so use it on the eastern door. You need to drop each cannonball into the cannon ball mover thing on the wall. Drop it onto the cannonball mover and then goto back out to the courtyard and pull on the lever again to bring it out there. Take it over to the cannon and fire it north at the monster to defeat it. Go through the north door (make sure you have plenty of soup or health, because you're going to fight the miniboss).