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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 7b - Master Sword, Gerudo Desert

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Walk up to the Wolf Stone and copy the song to summon a Skull kid! Great! This guy is a little jerk who will run away. You must follow him and keep hitting him and making him run away more. Listen for his instrument and look for his glowing light and keep following him.

Just remember that all the areas look pretty similar, so you probably HAVEN'T been here before. Just remember where all the doors are because he will be opening them every time you hit him. Eventually he will make his way to a dead-end with a ton of his puppet enemies. Kill them all and hit the skull kid a bunch to finally defeat him. Go through the passage that just opened up.

Go to the Triforce symbol and howl the same song you howled in the beginning of the Sacred Grove. The statues will tell you to solve their puzzle. You must return them to the indicated tiles. One statue always moves the same way you do, and one always moves the opposite way! It is a pretty difficult puzzle but if you keep trying you can get it.

Here is one solution that people have discovered so far:

From the start, you go:

Go through the door that opens when they are in place, and go get the Master Sword! Alright! You can now transform to wolf form by talking to Midna. ALSO, you can use warps in human form (you quickly turn to wolf form but hey). Midna explains you must find the Mirror of Twilight and stuff so I guess it is off to Telma's Bar to talk to those guys.

Now make your way to the Hyrule Castle Town and goto Telma's Bar! Meet the motley crew that will be helping you for the rest of the game. Check the map and talk to everyone to find out that Auru is checking out Lake Hylia (so you need to head there).

First you should goto the Golden Wolf outside of Hyrule Castle Town's south exit to learn the Helm Splitter! Now warp to Lake Hylia. Go near the red target on your map and find a Wolf Stone near there and do the howling bit.

Climb up the tower on the red target and talk to Auru. He will eventually give you a memo for the cannon guy (Fyer). Take the memo to Fyer and show by equipping it. He will launch you for free to the Gerudo Desert! Wahoooooo!

You land in the Gerudo Desert, which is the most action packed place of the whole game. There's so much stuff to do here you will probably cry yourself to sleep. Well, there's actually not much to do here except goto the next dungeon! You get a cut-scene where Midna talks about stuff, and then it's time to rock and roll!

First you must find another chunk of bridge, so head to the Southeast and find a giant rocky place with a bridge chunk on top. Use the clawshot on the tree and then on the flying plant to make it to the top of the rock. Kill the Twilight Monsters that appear and turn into a wolf. Tell Midna to Teleport this to the Bridge of Eldin (Northwest part of Hyrule field). Teleport back to the desert and head north.

Heading northeast you come to a settlement of enemies. Plow through them until you get to a boar, and ride the boar to crash through a ton of stuff. You find a small key somewhere along here, so use it to get to the middle part of the settlement. The King Moblin will fight you on foot this time. Try using the back slice and keep dodging his heavy axe. After you beat him they set the place ablaze, so get on the boar and ram your way out. You ram out through a ton of gates and get to the Arbiter's Grounds entrance. So walk in!