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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 7a - After Lakebed Temple

After the Lakebed Temple, a cut-scene will play at the Spirit Spring discussing Zant. You will be teleported to North Hyrule Field. You need to make your way to Telma's Bar. So run all the way to Hyrule Castle Town. Go inside Telma's Bar and quickly get thrown out. Talk to Telma's Cat to discover another way to get in.

Push the loose crate over to the other crates and climb through the window. Use the tightropes but don't slip off at all, or you'll be thrown out again. At the end you will be in the house of Jovani, which is full of treasure. He will explain about Poe Souls and everything, and then open the underground waterway.

Grab the handle hanging down above the north gate and swim through. At the end of the path, kill the skultullas and grab the stick off the ground. Light it with the torch to burn through a web. Light more torches as you go so you don't run out of fire. Burn through more webs and climb up the ledges and keep going northwest. At a dead-end, turn on your senses and dig.

Go through the short tunnel ahead of you and go up the stairway. Moblins will try to shoot you so watch out. Continue all the way to the top like you did last time, and then go outside. On the roof head towards Zelda's room like you did in the beginning of the game. Instead of long jumping though, run across the banner as it flaps in the breeze. Make it to Zelda's Room for another cut-scene. Now you have to get the Master Sword! YAY!'

Warp to Faron Woods. Go towards the Forest temple but you will find a monkey friend, so help him out by killing his assailants. The monkey will point where you need to go, so goto a bit of high ground you spot and Long Jump past the Forest Temple and go around the side until you find another forested area. Get past the rotating bridges and tightrope. Don't get hit by the logs, and jump past them to solid ground. Do the Wolf Stone here in plain sight and continue on the path and enter the "Sacred Grove"

You might consider this the "Lost Woods" of this game because in fact, they are. It is very simple to get lost, but very easy to make it through if you don't take anything for granted. There are many many areas in the Sacred Grove, and they all look pretty identical. You don't get a map for this, so don't get lost!