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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - 1E - Collections Agent

Now that you got some weapons, it's time to use them! Haha just kidding you're a wolf. You don't have opposable thumbs. So, time to change into a human! But wait, you can't yet. Let's just goto the spring where Epona took a bath (pictured).

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You will meet someone and they will give you a cut-scene for no extra charge. Now continue north along the path and cross the bridge, coming to the twilight realm. Midna will help you in. Up ahead you will be ambushed by three of the dark twilight monsters you fought at the spring. Kill two of them only to see them come back.

Midna will eventually give you a new move, where you hold B to attack multiple enemies at once. Hold B until the circle encompasses all three of them and then release (its easier if one is already dead).
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Continue north to the spring where you meet another light spirit. He assigns you the best job in the whole world: Pest Control (pictured). Some insects are storing the light of the world so you have to sense them out and destroy them.

Luckily you get an accurate map of where they are. They are white dots on your map, so head to the first dot on your way. Use your senses to find it and attack it, getting the light into your pod! The second one is close, just check your map. The third one is on the side of Coro's cabin, you have to dash the wall to knock it loose (pictured).

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Now long-jump into the house from the other side of the house. Use your senses to see Coro's spirit and he shows you number four and five, which you can easily kill. Now leave the way you entered.
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Goto the cave and dig under the entrance to enter. Kill six and seven near the cave entrance. Exit to the north and see that there is a purple fog covering the ground, you CAN'T TOUCH IT (Hammer Time?). Eight and Nine are to the left, kill them. You should have nine by now, so check. Go near the edge of the purple haze (pictured) and long jump a couple times.

Goto the cliff and long jump across. Number ten eleven and twelve are on the huge stump platform you're in. Now keep going for an intense long jump sequence. At the end, you have to dig up numbers thirteen and fourteen. Go east to the Forest Temple entrance.

Goto the next area, and kill the twilight monsters. Continue to where your kid friend and the monkey were in the cage. Collect the bugs fifteen and sixteen. Once you have all the bugs you are transported back to the spring. You get a fresh set of clothes and get to use your real sword and shield for the first time (after the cut-scene)! (pictured)

Man atleast you have clothes... talk about awkward

Now that you're a human, go back to Coro's house. He'll give you the key and offer you a bottle of oil (which includes a free bottle) for 100 rupees. It's worth it, if you have money. Your oil will be depleted before you enter the dungeon, so you better get some oil somehow. So goto the cave, unlock it, and head all the way through it. When you get to the other side, the fog is still there sadly. Luckily a monkey helper shows up and steals your lantern. Just follow her until you can get to the entrance to the next area.

Try to refill your oil, or atleast pay the bird in the next area and dip your bottle in. Go all the way to the place where your kid friend and the monkey were caged up so long ago, meeting a wolf on the way. He teaches you the Ending Blow. Use it to finish enemies, with A, when they are close enough to death and on the ground.

Burn the web away to enter the Forest Temple.