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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - 1C - Captured!

Link is just maxing and relaxing, and playing some B-ball outside of school. (pictured)
Zelda Twilight Princess Link Goats

You have to herd goats again, but this time there's twice as many. Head back into town after herding. Watch the scene and then talk to the mayor. A goat will come pummeling towards you, press A at the right time to stop it. (pictured)

Zelda Twilight Princess Link Goats

Now you have to head back to the spring, so go ahead and run there (since your horse is gone for now).

Use Z targeting to talk to your little friend and he (yes he's a boy, even though he looks like a weird girl) will tell you to use the secret entrance, which is in the last grove you were in, on the wall. Enter the crawlspace and goto the spring. Another cut-scene, but I won't discuss the details.

Link is having a bad day

You are now in a room. Someone will come to talk to you. Her name is Midna. She will break your chain and then taunt you from the other side of the bars. Wow, what a nice gal. Use Z targeting to face the pile of junk in the front corner, and press A to charge at the junk and reveal a digging spot. Dig out of your cell and continue in the sewers.

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Find one of the chains to pull that raises the water level (Midna will reach her big arm out to show you where one is). And then cross the spiky things, and find another chain to lower the water again. There are all sorts of alcoves with small treasures if you want them. Crawl through the hole on the northwest dead-end (the one that Midna goes through and leaves you at.

Make your way back to Midna, and then go up the large spiral staircase. Midna will teach you how to use a wolf long-jump. Press the up arrow when Midna lets out a creepy giggle. Then Z target her and press A to finish the jump. You will need to master this technique unless you like being frustrated. Make your way up, finally mastering a tightrope technique (easy does it)! There will be more long-jumps (you might need to be in a special spot like on top of rubble). You eventually find yourself outside.

You must move along the roof to the north. Push a crate while holding A and keep going, using the long jump one last time. You will finally reach another tower. Jump in the window and run up the stairs to meet none other than The Person Midna Wanted You To Meet! (pictured)
Link is having a bad day

Wow! After you talk to this person, go out the door and down the stairs again. A final cut-scene on the roof, and you are back at the spring.