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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough -1B - Monkey Business

Zelda Twilight Princess CaveFollow the monkey through Faron Woods, eventually calling upon Epona to help you jump over the last gate. Turn left just before the cave entrance and go talk to Coro, your friendly neighborhood lantern salesman. Talk to him for A Free Lantern!! You just need to watch your yellow oil meter to make sure you don't run out of flame.

Goto the cave entrance, defeat the Deku plant, and run into the cave! Use your lantern with B and swing your sword to make the lantern hang from your side. You should use "Put Away" with A whenever it is light enough to see without the lantern, to save fuel.

Theres a chest in a rightward passage with 10 rupees, and then continue on to the exit, burning away webs with the lantern.

Zelda Twilight Princess CaveYou need a key to continue on, so go to the far left side of the map and enter the cave there (pictured - look at map icon). Kill the guys inside and then open the chest for a nice key. It doesn't say in the game that it's a nice key, but it sure looks nice. Don't leave the cave though! While still in the cave, light the two torches next to the open chest. You will get a HEART PIECE! Best day of your life, until you find out they changed it to 1/5 of a heart (from 1/4 in other Zelda games).

Now exit the cave and goto the southeast. Open the locked gate with goblins in front of it. Head into the next area, which is the entrance to the Forest Temple. You won't actually go there until a little later though.

Go up the pathway until you see Talo and the Cursed Monkey in the cage. (pictured) Kill the baddies and destroy the cage with the sword. A cut-scene happens and now it's the next day.