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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part1 - Section A - Beginnings!

You start out by naming your character and your horse. This walk-through will reference "Link" as the character, and "Epona" as the horse, which are the two defaults.

After the intro, talk to Fado (the guy standing there) and he'll tell you to go find your horse. Exit north to the woods and go until you can turn right into the spring. Talk to Ilia (pictured) and grab the grass near the water's edge. Blow with A and Epona should come to you.

Ilia is Hot with a capital H

Ride Epona back to your house area, and out the other exit, to the village. Ride through the village all the way to the only other exit, which is Fado's Ranch. Ride up to him and he'll tell you to herd to goats. Press A to "whoop" which causes them to run away from you. Get them in the barn and then Fado will set up some fences for you. Jump over them and then jump over the main gate to leave.

Now it is the next day, so don't be confused! Your friends wake you up, and if you talk to them, they explain how the store has a slingshot (which you need). Unfortunately the store owner's cat has run away, so she won't sell anything. Go to the village and climb up on the big rock pillar in the center of the village, where the river widens. Climb up and talk to the guy, who points out a cat and also points out some grass.

Zelda Twilight Princess Village

Jump to the next pillar, and then jump onto the house (pictured). Now you have to jump to two more pillars to get to the one that is farthest out. Now blow the grass on the far out pillar and aim it at the monkey down the river.

The hawk should bring you the baby carriage. Take the carriage to the pregnant woman standing on the edge of the river. Follow her up to her house and she will give you a Fishing Rod! Wowee your first item! Don't wet your pants, you still need the slingshot.

Zelda Twilight Princess Fishing Pole Cat

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Take the fishing rod to where the cat is, and stand near the edge (pictured) (but not too close to the water). Press the Minus (---) Button to bring up your items. Press B when you hover over the fishing rod to select it. Now, cast your fishing rod by pressing B. Watch the bobber. When the bobber goes down almost completely underwater, pull back on the rod, and start shaking the nunchuk controller. The fish should land next to you. If the cat doesn't take the fish, try standing in a little different spot, like a few feet either way. Eventually the cat will steal the fish, so follow it to the store.

You will need 30 rupees to get the slingshot, and I suggest smashing pumpkins and also rocks. You can try getting onto rooftops, they sometimes have rupees. Anyway, once you get 30, go back to the store and the owner will give you a Bottle! Wow, the best day of your life! Then you can buy the Slingshot! Even better! Now go back to your house area.

Talk to you buddies and they will wet themselves with excitement when you show them your slingshot. They will set up some target practice for you. After you practice, go inside your house and open the chest. This is your lucky day! A Wooden Sword! Go outside and the kids will help you with some basic moves. And then, a horrible cursed monkey appears. The monkey isn't actually cursed, but hey.