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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 15 - Into the Darkness

Before you head to the Twilight Realm, there's a couple cool things you can do! Head over to Hyrule Castle Town and goto the S.T.A.R. Game just south of the east entrance. It is inside a tent.

In here, you can use your Double Clawshots to easily win the game and with a little practice, you can win the game again! After winning the second time, you get the giant quiver, which can hold 100 arrows! So Cool!

Also you should know about a place to put all your money: Malo Mart. Goto Kakariko and talk to Malo at the store to find out about donating money to fix the bridge. Once you donate 1000 rupees, the bridge will be fixed. Now if you donate 2000 more rupees, Malo mart opens in the middle of Hyrule Castle Town!

You can now buy the MAGIC ARMOR for 598 rupees (always low prices. ALWAYS). The Magic Armor is cool, it runs off of your rupees and you're invincible while you where it. One second using it is 1 rupee, so you might want to take it off if there are no enemies nearby.

Remember you can always sell your bugs to Agitha for quick cash (check out the Zelda Twilight Princess Secrets for more info).

Now would also be a good time to check out your heart piece count, because nearly all of them are available to you since you have almost every item in the game. Check out Zelda Twilight Princess Items for the location of all 45 heart pieces (that's 9 extra hearts, preeeety useful for these last couple dungeons).

After looking around Hyrule for all your extra items, head on over to the Mirror Chamber (just warp). The magical mirror will be reformed, and a portal to the Twilight Realm shows up.

  You get a cut-scene with Midna and then you can enter the realm! So step right into the awesome-cool effects of the Twilight Realm Entrance.