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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 13 - Blast Off

Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and head to Telma's bar after the cut-scene with Ooccoo about the Dominion Rod. Telma explains that Shad is back in Kakariko, so warp there.

Goto Renado's house, where there is a bunch of people standing around. He gives you a letter for Telma. Go downstairs and talk to Shad who talks about the Rod of the Heavens, whatever that could possibly be. Go back to Hyrule Castle Town. Go back to Telma's Bar.

Show Telma the letter you got from Renado and she'll tell you to see the doctor on the west side of town, and give you the invoice for the doctor's tab. Go to the west side of the town and talk to the doctor in his house. Show him the tab to scare him into talking about Ilia's wooden statue.

The statue was stolen after medicine spilled on it, so check in the back of his office and find a crate you can move. Push the crate and sniff the green cloud to learn the medicine scent. Follow it outside and you find Louise the cat. She'll tell you that some bad dogs took it and they're outside Hyrule Castle Town, to the south at night.

Go out the south exit and wait until night time. You're attacked by a large pack of skeleton dogs. Kill them all to get the statue back. Head back to Kakariko village and show it to Ilia. She will get some memory back, but not all of it. Cor Goron tells you about a hidden village to the north, and he will mark a spot on your map.

Go north on your horse and go past the bridge of Eldin. Keep going until you get to the mark on your map. Go through the tunnel. You see Darbus working and he'll finish up really quick for you. He then explains about there's 20 moblins in here that need to be sniped.

Use your bow and the Hawkeye (if you bought it from Malo's store in Kakariko). Some are standing on roofs, some are wandering around, and many are inside through windows. You can hit them anywhere once to kill them so be on the lookout.

You meet Impaz when they're all dead, who is the last person to live here. She give's you Ilia's Charm! Great! Show her your Dominion Rod also to get the Ancient Sky Book. There is a Wolf Stone behind a house on the west side, it should be your last! Awesome!

Go back to Kakariko and show Ilia the charm! She remembers everything, woohoo! She gives it back to you as the Horse Call. Now you can call your horse anywhere you stand! Go downstairs and talk to Shad. Show him the ancient book Impaz gave you and he'll be stumped. He marks owl statues on your map. The writing that he read has returned power to your Dominion Rod, woohoo! Time to see all the statues, you ready for this?

The first statue is in Kakariko Gorge. Move the statue with the Dominion Rod and you see a glowing spot that you need to stand on. So get to it to collect a letter for the ancient sky book.

The second statue is in Faron Woods near the lamp shop. Bomb a rock to get there and then move the statue with the Dominion rod again and collect another letter.

Warp to the desert for the third statue. Go west a ways and there's a little paved area with some pillars. Make the statue come down and then use it as a platform to jump across the three pillars to the character!

Warp to Hyrule Castle and go south to find the next statue, among some stone ruins. Bring it down for a platform for the next character.

For the fourth statue, head to the Great Bridge of Hylia and position the statue under the hanging ivy and clawshot on top of it to find the next character.

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Warp to the Bridge of Eldin and goto the north end and move the owl statue to find the last character! It is now a complete Sky Book! So head back to Kakariko and show Shad.

WARNING: DO NOT SAVE HERE! There is a known glitch that if you save in the cannon room or near it, your game save will be messed up forever and you will never get out. Just thought I'd throw that in there for good measure.

Show the book to Shad and then the statue in front of you will be movable. So he will leave and you can then move the statue. You find the ancient Sky Cannon! Remember, don't save your game here. Look at it and then eventually you can tell Midna to warp the cannon to Lake Hylia to be looked at by the cannon expert, Fyer!

Goto Fyer's Cabin and use the Special - Repairs option and give him 300 rupees to fix the cannon! After a cut-scene he will be done with it, good as new!

Use the clawshot to jump into the cannon, and you'll be loaded up!