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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 11 - Don't Get Lost

Make your way back to Telma's Bar, and talk with everyone again. You find out that Rusl is looking for the Sacred Grove. Warp to North Faron Woods.

Go a little north to talk to Rusl, and he will show you a chicken. Use the chicken to fly on the path that you long-jumped as a wolf before. Use your boomerang on the rotating bridges to make them work, and then jump between the swinging logs, and enter the Sacred Grove once more.

Great, that little jerk the Skull Kid has returned to harass you even more. Same thing as before, follow the Skull Kid and hit him to make him move to the next part of the Lost Woods. You can see that he is lit up kind of, if you're fast enough.

So listen for his sounds and look for the lighting ahead. When you make it to the big courtyard again you must fight him again. Shoot arrows at him until he dies, and go through the other path into the Sacred Grove.

Push the block in front of you down in to the gap ahead. Jump down and continue north to where you found the Master Sword. Once you are in the spot where you got the Master Sword, press A to put it back onto the pedestal.

 A door will open where you were a minute ago. Kill the five twilight monsters really quick and then go back and climb up to the door.

Open the door and then you will find a very familiar tune playing. You are in the Temple of Time! Awesome. Go north back to the sword pedestal and press A to strike your sword in it. Now you can go up the stairway of light to enter the Temple of Time!