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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 6c - Lakebed Temple

Kill the enemy in the water bubble by pulling him out with your clawshot (easy as pie). Use a bomb arrow on a rock formation on the ceiling to make a new platform.

Use the platform to get through the gap in the wall and use the clawshot switch on the next side, which lowers a gate. Go through the eastern door though.

Kill two more enemies in water bubbles and then use your clawshot on the vines on the ceiling. Move over the wall and then clawshot to the other side of the pool on the vines.

Head up the water ramp. Same thing, climb up the ladder and pull the switch to start the water. Make your way down to the pool and pull the middle switch again.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Follow the water to the room with several large gears. Clawshot back down the ivy patches (pictured) and clawshot onto the west gear's underside (pictured).

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
Hang on the gear as you go around to the east.

Drop down to a platform and clawshot onto the east gear. Drop down near the eastern door and head through it. Time to get the big key. You are now in a water-filled cave-like room. You are searching for a bombable rock (pictured). Try to make your way towards the middle of the room and find a rock to bomb that is near a floating bomb spider.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Blow up the rock and swim through the cave, and find the second rock to blow up. It's a little hard to find, so look around in every area. Once you blow up the second rock, swim up to the surface and go through the south door. Kill a water-bubble dude and use the clawshot switch on the ceiling.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
Use your control stick to lower yourself while your clawshot is on the switch.

The door closes too quickly to just drop down, so you must lower yourself (pictured). You get the big key! Now swim out of that cave and head back to the main room with the rotating stairwell. The boss door should be in the middle of the room on the floor under the first floor. Put on your Iron boots and sink down to the bottom of the water.

BOSS: Twilit Aquatic - Morpheel

You must Z-Target the eyeball and grab it out of the tentacles with your clawshot and then slash it with your sword. Try using your Iron Boots to stand on the ground before you use your sword. Watch out for the water bombs it spits out. Don't get too close either, because Morpheel is hungry. Hungry for Link.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
Just stand there with your Iron Boots on, far enough away!

After you hurt Morpheel enough, it will finally give up and go back into the sand.

Unfortunately, it will actually not be giving up so easily. The rest of it's body will come out of the sand. Start swimming without your Iron Boots and swim near Morpheel. You will need to Z-Target and clawshot it's eyeball. When you successfully clawshot the eyeball, Link will be pulled onto Morpheel's head. So now you must slash and slash to damage the big beast. You get thrown off, but repeat a few times to finally defeat morpheel.

You get the final Fused Shadow and another Heart container. Hooray! So leave the Lakebed Temple, finally.