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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 6b - Lakebed Temple

Jump down and kill the slimy Chus and bats, and open the nearby chest for a small key. Enter the door to the middle of this room. Jump onto the large gear and kill the lizard guy. Once he dies, goto the north and leave. Go through the northern door to the west and open the locked door. Goto the bottom of the room and climb the vines on the north side of the pit.

At the top of the vines, go all the way up the spiral pathway and get the chest for some bombs. But before you leave, climb the ladder on the archway and jump to pull the switch down. There should now be water going down the staircase. So go slip slip slidin' all the way down the staircase. Pull the switch in the middle of the pond near the island to make the water flow to the rest of the temple. Now go back into the circular room with the big gear and drop down to the bottom floor.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

The paddles should be turning now so the platforms are moving. (pictured) Ride to the platform to the north and go through the door there. Go ahead slightly and take a left to find a small key, then go back into the rotating gear room and go through the west door. Unlock the door and swim through the flooded tunnel. Put on your Iron Boots at the end and drop to the bottom.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Use a water bomb on the rock covering the white webbing and go through the webs until you get out of the water. The hole will close up. Kill the two tadpole enemies (pictured) and then look skyward. Hey a big frog! And you just killed her babies!

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Miniboss: Giant Frog!

This boss is relatively easy if you know how to kill her. Use your spin attack to kill all of her tadpoles. She will try to land on you now, so watch out for her shadow. If she doesn't land on you, then her tongue will stick out, so Z-Target it and hit it with your sword a bunch. Do this about three times to defeat the Giant Frog. The frog will drop a chest: The Clawshot! Great!

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
You will be using the clawshot to pull switches down from now on!

Use the clawshot to exit the room (pictured) (a yellow target will appear for valid claw-shot places). Leave to the south and head back to the main rotating stairway room. In the main room, go to the west door of the top floor. Grab onto the switch with the clawshot to make the stairway come to you. The water should now be flowing down the stairs. Go down the stairs to the east bottom floor. Go through the east door.

Aim here first:

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
And then here:
Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple
And then here:
Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

This room has a pit, so don't fall down. Use your clawshot on the nearest target on top of the nearest gear (pictured) and lower onto the platform with 10 bombs in a chest. Use your clawshot on the nearby vines and then use your clawshot again on the next patch of vines. Grapple onto one more patch of vines on the wall leave through the northwest door.