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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 6a - Lakebed Temple

The Lakebed Temple can be frustrating and confusing since you end up controlling a huge stairway that points in four different directions (imagine the first Harry Potter movie). But the map layout is relatively simple and knowing a few tips and tricks will really help you out!

Swimming in, you will see the shell enemies and some jellyfish guys. Just swim past them and make your way out of the water. Climb up the stairs and jump towards the switch to pull it down. Make your way through the open gate and equip your bomb arrows (Press Z over the bombs in the item screen). Shoot the giant rocks hanging from the ceiling (pictured) and make your way across the platforms.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Continue through the north door to the next room. Kill the Lizard man here and make your way to the next room. This room (pictured) is the central hub to the whole dungeon, which you will need to visit several times. Pretty much you pull one of the eight or so switches, and the ramped stairway points to you (so you can use it to cross).

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Go directly down the stairs so that you're on the north side of the room, on the bottom floor. Now circle (clockwise) around the room until you are on the south side of the room. Jump to grab the switch and then run up the stairs to the north, top floor.

Go around to the west dead-end and smash a jar for Ooccoo your favorite weird bird. Go to the east of the top floor and grab the switch, to make your way to the bottom west door. Before you enter the west door, head to the north of it to grab the dungeon map out of the chest.

Now that you entered the west bottom door of the main room, shoot another rock hanging from the ceiling to stop a water spout. Head through a tunnel on the right to goto the lower floor. Go across the vine covered rock pillar to the west side of it. Shoot another bomb arrow at the rock on the ceiling. Use the platform you created (pictured) to get your first small key.

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

Take the key back to the main staircase hub. Make your way to the top floor of the west side and go through it with the key. Go through the small hallway to enter another room. Bomb arrow two rocks on the ceiling and climb on the ivy. (pictured)

Zelda Twilight Princess Lakebed Temple

 Drop onto the wall and jump to the switch to open the gate. Continue to go around to the northwest and blow up the rock ahead of you. Enter the door to the west after killing some lizards with iron masks.

In the next room an enemy will enter a bubble of water and try to attack you. Blow up his bubble with a bomb and kill him. Go out the southeastern door.