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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 18d - Hyrule Castle Ganon Fight

Final Boss Form 3 - Horseback
This is pretty difficult to master, as he is quite a fast horseback rider. The trick is to keep him Z-targeted the whole time, and stay within medium range of him. If you are within the right range for a long time, Zelda will eventually shoot him with an arrow. This allows you to hit him with your sword a bunch, while he's stunned.

Keep trailing behind him using the dash to keep up to a good distance. If you get too far, he spawns horsemen and other annoying things. Swerve when he charges you and remember the only way to beat him is to have Zelda hit him with an arrow. After a few sword hits, you finally defeat him.

Final Boss Form 4 - Swordfight

This sword fight is the most difficult in the game, as it should be. If the Darknut was a yellow belt second grader, this guy is Jackie Chan.

He will try to attack you any way he can, so be careful. He'll kick you, knock you down with his shoulder, kick you in the groin. He'll take any cheap shot he can to get the upper hand. He can teleport, and then he does a spin attack, so jump out of the way.

Roll away any time you feel like he's gonna hurt you. Use your shield to block most of his attacks, but don't shield attack him. He charges you sometimes also, and when he does, press A to enter "chance" mode. Tap A repeatedly to win the standoff, and then slice him up. You can use the Back Slice to your advantage here if all else fails, as it works pretty well. You might be able to surprise him with the Mortal Draw, but it's pretty hard.

His cape will start to rip as you defeat him, and when he is finally on the ground, press A to do the Ending Blow on Ganon! Congratulations! You've defeated him.

With this, you get a cool cut-scene and some loose ends are tied up. Congratulations on beating a very difficult game.