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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 18b - Hyrule Castle

Use your lantern in this dark area, and fight off the swarm of bats. Focus on the four torches here. In this next torch puzzle, each torch only stays lit for a certain amount of time. You want to light the longest burning one first, then the next longest, etc.

So experiment around and find out which ones last longest. There is extra oil in the last torch puzzle room if you need it. Go through the unlocked door after lighting all four torches.

Kill the two armored Lizalfos and continue to the door that goes outside. Go straight ahead to be trapped by a flying Lizalfos. Teach him the meaning of pain, and then continue to find a small key! There is one more chest to the east so continue there. You get trapped again but this time a cut-scene happens! After the enemies are dead, continue to the chest to find the Big Key! Yes, the last big key you'll ever need!

Now find the locked door on this floor. Use wolf form for this room. Ghost rats will jump on you like little turds, so shake them off with a Spin Attack. Using your senses, you can see the ghost soldiers in here. Follow the ghost's gazes the right direction.

Eventually you will get to the stairs, so go up. You'll have to jump across some of the broken stairs, and eventually you get to a room with two more Lizalfos. Show 'em how it's done.

Keep going and then clawshot up to the wall torch on the left side. Keep using your clawshot until you run out of clawshot targets. You fight two more lizard guys, which are still pretty easy. Use your spinner to go up the next corridor, and watch out for the spiky spinners. Kill the final Darknut of your adventure, and PREPARE FOR BATTLE!

Open the boss door, and then go up the stairs to find your next enemy. Now, you must fight someone who you hoped you would never have to fight.