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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 18a - Hyrule Castle

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This dungeon is relatively simple, once you figure out a few things.

You enter into the courtyard of the castle, with the front door locked. Go towards the northeast and some goblins attack you, so destroy them. Go through the northeast door. You'll be trapped again within a couple seconds so kill the goblins again.

At the far north end, you come across the King Moblin once again. You know the drill by now, so defeat him using your swordsmanship. He hands over a small key, so go back to the courtyard and back towards the northwest.

Clear out the northwest courtyard with your bow and then find a boar. Ride the boar out to the outer part of the courtyard and then all the way to the northeast side of this place. Here, you see a bunch of windmills. Go near the gate and turn into a wolf. Dig away at the leaves covering the ground to find the order in which you need to boomerang the windmills. I was stuck here for a long time, so there you go.

Go through the gate for the dungeon map! Now had all the way back to the main courtyard, and go through the front doors of the castle!

You have to kill some more enemies immediately, and then look at the treasure chest on the balcony that appears. Clawshot there (you can use the chandeliers as targets). Open the chest for the compass and then clawshot across two more chandeliers for the door going north.

You have to kill another Darknut guy, so watch out here. Use the Back Slice and the Helm Splitter like before. After you kill him, look at the torches here. The trick with the torches is to blow one out with your boomerang, so here's how you do it: Light the two torches off to the side and the floor will rise up, but you still cant reach it. So you want to put out the lone torch. This will make a platform rise. But stand where it is going to rise when you shoot the boomerang. Go through the west door.