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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 4a - Goron Mines

You are now in The Goron Mines. Good for you. The Gorons consider these mines to be awesome places to hang out, so all the elders of the tribe live here. You pretty much have to find all three of them to get the boss key.

Jump across the platforms until you come to a steamy vent. Step on the switch (using your iron boots) and run past where the vent was. Do it once more but quickly go to the right and turn completely around and go back the other way before the vent turns back on. Climb up the cage and jump to the east, and head right. Kill the enemies, hit the switch, and run north past the fire you turned off (pictured). Jump onto the platform switch on the wall and put your boots on, and it will let you goto the next room.

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This room has magical magnets in it that will be activated soon! Go to the lower left platform and kill the moblins really quick, and get the key from the chest. Go back up the ramp and go up the other way, without falling in the lava. Go through the locked door to the east. Go down the ramp and kill the dodongo by hitting its tail. Make your way across the platforms to the northeast of the room.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

Kill the dodongo and grab the pull-chain with A and then start pulling it backwards (pictured). When you pull it all the way, run to the opened door before it closes again. Work on timing the lava spouts just right. Enter the door behind the wall that you just moved.

You have to explore under the water, so put on your iron boots and sink. Don't run out of air (blue meter)! Stomp the switch (pictured) in the water and you will float upwards with a magical magnet current!

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

Go through the door up there. Talk to your first elder for your first key shard (only two more!) Theres some great rupees to be found in here, along with a dungeon map in the other chest. Climb on the ladder to the second floor and find Ooccoo in a jar! Yay, I guess. Go out the only door you didn't enter through.

You have to walk along the walls here with your iron boots. Kill the flaming slugs and goto the next room. There's a heart piece in the northeast corner in this room, if you're interested! Continue on to the next room on the exit on the west side. You're back in the big magnet room. Goto the middle and kill the moblins, and stomp the switch to start a magnet. Stick yourself under it, and wait for it to stop again, and drop down (pictured)!

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

You should be on a more north platform. Hit the next switch to get magnet number two going! Stick yourself onto that magnet now! Drop down more north and then go through the door.

Kill the crabs and tektites in this water room. Get the small key from the chest at the bottom of the water pool (west side). Go to the east part of the room, outside of the cage and drop down again. Push that block out of the way and rise to the surface inside. Start another magnet with the switch, and goto the ceiling. Drop down over the metal scaffolding and go for the next switch. Drop down and land in the middle of the sideways current. and move along and drop to the floor again. Get a red rupee from the chest and hit the crystal/diamond switch and quickly run to the gate!

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

Kill the enemies here and go south for a heart piece in a chest! Then go back and take the north path, and slice the rope holding the gate up (pictured). Go through the door now below you. Find a chest here near a Laser-Jerk with a beautiful key inside it! Go through the west locked door.

Jump across the platforms and get to the huge long rotating platform. Wait until the hotspots are on top and then run to the second one and put your iron boots on quickly. Wait for it to rotate back and then take off your boots and make it all the way across. Enter the door! Talk to the second elder (one left) who gives you another key piece. Unfortunately everybody seems to have a part of the key that actually goes in the lock so there's no extra pieces! You need one more piece! Go up the ladder and leave out the 2nd floor door. Use the magnetic path and drop down at the end. You are going to fight a miniboss!