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Walkthrough - Part 2b - Forest Temple MINIBOSS: "Spank" The Monkey

His name isn't actually Spank to my knowledge, but hey. He will start by knocking down a bunch of Dekus just to mess with you. Kill them and then focus on the monkey. You have to roll into his pole to knock him down, and then hit him for all he's worth. The trick is to wait until he's about to throw his boomerang, and then roll him off the pole (pictured). After knocking him off and hitting him a few times, he will be defeated.

Zelda Twilight Princess Forest Temple

You get the Gale Boomerang! With this magical boomerang you can call upon the Spirit of the Wind! Or something! Anyway it's cool! You use it by aiming it (like a slingshot) and press Z to target up to 5 different locations. The boomerang will then goto those locations. Use it to open the door to leave the miniboss chamber. Once you leave the miniboss room, turn to your left and use the boomerang to get on that bridge. Cross it and kill the goblin. Use the Boomerang again to free another monkey.

Go back to the main room and use the boomerang to grab the chest above the middle platform. The compass will show you where the monkeys are that you still have to free. Goto the west room. Now goto the southwest corner and look at the ground near the four poles. There will be a Z that you need to use as your Boomerang pattern (pictured). So target the four poles in that order and open the gate to get the Big Key! Only three monkeys to go, so go north two rooms.

Zelda Twilight Princess Forest TempleZelda Twilight Princess Forest Temple

Hit the switch on the nearest bridge with the boomerang and once more to get to the eastern room. You have to fall through one of the holes in the floor to get to his cage platform. (pictured)

Kill some skulltulas and get in the hole ahead and to the left of the entrance. Burn the web and fall through, and break the monkey out. Go back to the last room and then go north. Use the boomerang to get to the eastern part of the room and climb the vines to get up to the door. Go through the eastern door and kill the deku plants. To get the chest, lock onto a bomb spider to bring yourself a bomb. Throw it at the plant and get to the chest.

Zelda Twilight Princess Forest Temple

Now you need to destroy a rock (pictured), so lock onto the bomb and then lock onto the rock (without letting go of B until you lock onto both). The rock is on the ledge to the east. Climb up and use another rock spider to destroy the last rock barrier. Free the monkey! Only one more monkey to go! Now go two rooms back and open the west locked door with the key you just got.

Kill all the tile worms and look for a small tunnel in the far corner. Run through and climb on the ivy to get to the last cage. Turn on the two propellers with the boomerang to free the last monkey. Goto the room where the monkeys are gathered. They will form a chain with all ten of them and you can enter the boss room!

Zelda Twilight Princess Forest TempleBoss Battle: Twilit Parasite: DIABABA!

This boss has two heads emerging from a pool of water. Lock onto a spider bomb and then lock onto a head and keep doing that until the heads are destroyed. (pictured)

Oh no! You killed the heads and then what do you know: A bigger head shows up. You must do three things here: Lock onto the monkey to get a bomb, and kill the right head. Repeat for the left head. Now do the same thing to the middle head, and wail upon him with your sword. Repeat this a few times to finally destroy the boss!

You get a Heart Container and a Fused Shadow (whoop de doo). Midna explains all about how she needs her some Fused Shadows, but nobody knows why!