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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 2a - Forest Temple

The first dungeon in the game is the Forest Temple. While it seems simple because of its one-floor layout and simple tasks it might take quite a while to defeat. You have a few major tasks: Free the monkeys, get the boomerang, and defeat the boss. Pretty simple, right? That's what you think!

Go north in the first area, and kill the enemies (bats and goblins). Cut the monkey's cage to free your first monkey. Head north into the next room. Keep going north in this room and kill the skultulla on your way. You will see a bomb spider on the ground floor. Hit it with your sword to activate it, and throw it on the big rock to find a chest with rupees! Light the four torches to bring some stairs up. Get the Map from the chest, and go north into the next room.

Go outside and see a quite hilarious cut-scene. You can't cross that bridge anymore until you get a whopping four monkeys freed. Go back to the other room. The monkey will start swinging on the rope, so just grab onto the monkeys arms, acrobat style to get to the next room to the west. Go to the right and smash a bomb spider to blow up the rock. You meet Ooccoo, a weird chicken person. She lets you warp out of dungeons and return to the same spot. Weird. Go back to the door and go the opposite way from where you found Ooccoo. Now that you're in the main part of the room, leap across the platforms by the north side of the room, and go through the north door.

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Go across the bridge (pictured) and eventually make your way to the northern door. Get the small key out of the chest, and go back to the room with water. Open the west door with the key. Go on the bridge until it breaks. Roll into the pole that the cage is on (pictured).

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Kill the baddies and go out the way you came, with your monkey friends help. Go all the way back to the main room of the dungeon where you first needed the monkey's help. Go through the east door by burning the webs (pictured) this time, using two monkeys to swing.

Kill the Red Deku guys and head up the stairs. Pass the huge toothy plant and find a spider bomb. Throw the spider bomb into the toothy plant. (pictured)

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The plant will eat it and explode. Kill the skulltullas on the ivy and jump across and climb on the same ivy. Before you go through the door, throw the other bomb spider over the ledge to the OTHER toothy plant, on the ground floor. That will reveal a HEART PIECE! Go back upstairs and go through the south door.

A monkey is locked up with a key, but a huge plant eats the key! Kill the plants annoying head first and then throw a spider bomb into it to get the key back. Save the monkey and go back to the room where you got the heart piece. Go east and blow up a rock with a spider bomb to enter the next room. There is a totem pole near the entrance to the room with a small key on top of it (pictured).

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I got stuck here for a good long while, but that's why man invented the walk-through! Roll to get the key and run across the bridge, minding the wormed tiles. Light the two torches to raise the steps, and go unlock your fourth monkey!

Zelda Twilight Princess Forest Temple

Now go back to the main room (the crossroads) and go north to the outside. You can now use the four monkeys to cross the huge ravine (pictured). Now it's time to fight the most terrifying boss battle in the whole game.