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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 14d - City in the Sky

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Kill the helmasaurs and then grapple onto the circle grate inside the windy tunnel, and then use your iron boots to weigh it down. This stops the fan. Get the Big Key out of the chest in here. Drop down one floor (where the fan blades are) and grapple onto the grate above you. Lower yourself down between the fan blades to find yourself in the main room of the dungeon. Don't let go yet. First, aim at the globe switch on the ceiling, to the north of where you are.

Use your iron boots on this switch and the fan outside on the north side will activate! Woohoo! Go outside to the north. There are some slow moving fans that you need to grapple onto. Clawshot onto these, one at a time, until you make your way to the next door.

Inside this room, kill the winged lizard men like you killed the first one. They can get kinda hard but just keep grappling them and hitting them with your sword. After they're done for, clawshot up all of the fans to the very top floor. You must hit the crystal switches as you come to them to gain access to the next fans. When you get to the top floor, go outside and keep grappling to reach the top of the dungeon. This is the boss room.

Boss Battle: Twilit Dragon - Argorok
This boss can be pretty hard, so watch out. The trick is to first bring his armor off. To do this, use your Iron Boots and then grapple onto his tail. When he hovers and flaps his wings, that's your chance to grapple his tail and pull him to the ground. The first time he hits the ground, most of his armor will come off. You have to grapple up the pillars a little bit to get him again, but once you do that he won't have any armor left. Now it's time to fight mano-e-mano.

A bunch of floating plants will sprout out of the ground in a huge circle around the dragon. Clawshot all the way up to the pillars until you reach the floating plants. Clawshot your way up and try to get behind the dragon. He will try to shoot fire at you, so watch out. When he's breathing in to shoot fire, that's your chance to start getting behind him.

Once you're behind him, clawshot onto his back and start stabbing his weak spot. Do this a few more times to be victorious. He will start moving faster and start shoot fire ahead of you, so turn around when he does. You actually have more time than you think after he shoots flames, so be careful.

Once you destroy him, you get another heart container and a Mirror Shard! Alright! Midna talks about Zant and how much he sucks, so now we have to goto the Mirror Chamber at the top of the Arbiter's Grounds.

Leave the City in the Sky to arrive back on solid ground.