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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 14c - City in the Sky

Now you're outside again. Look above you to see the bridge you crossed earlier. Hit the red deku guys so they don't bother you later, and then go across to the top of the bridge. Now you're back outside the main room, so go east where the dragon knocked down the bridge. Use the floating plant spinners and your clawshot to cross the gap, and then go through the east door.

Clawshot or jump down to the lower floor of this room and then go across some more clawshot pillars. At the last clawshot falling pillar, let it fall and you'll be on solid ground. Aim at the next clawshot target and go across. Go from target to target until you get to the grating, and then jump across to the next platform below it. Aim at the ceiling above you to kill the red Dekus and then grapple onto the target that one of them was on. Lower down until you can see the crystal switch and then grapple through the open gate. Grapple onto the grating directly above you, onto a target, then another target on the ceiling. Drop down and go through the north door, on the first floor.

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Kill the hungry plant guy (from the Forest Temple) with a bomb and then start scaling the room. At the thin wall, its easier to try to shimmy rather than walk across. After this you should find a chest with a heart piece, so continue up the room. At the very top, clawshot to the middle of the ceiling and fight the lizard man right there. Go through the next door.

Now you're outside, so look around for another plant to grapple onto. Ride it over the wall to the south and then drop down. Grab the next floating plant and go further south. Find the next floating plant going north and south, so grab onto it and lower yourself so that only your chain is going through the wall. Grab the next plant and go until you're at the north door leading west. Go through the door. Take the chain of plants to the southern door for a heart piece and then west to the western door.

Clawshot onto the ivy on the outer wall of the room. Kill the birds and move across the tightropes until you're at the top floor on the inside of the area. Go into the center room and you'll have to fight a pair of Helmasaurs, and you'll see a vertical wind tunnel.