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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 14b - City in the Sky

There is another globe switch in this room, so use it and then grab a freaky chicken to fly up to the opened alcove. Go around and over the wall to the northeast side of the room. Hit the other globe switch to make another air current and goto the northwest. Go through the northwest door.

This room has the freaky chickens, air currents, bats, clawshot targets, and deku plants. Go down the room using the freaky chickens as necessary until you reach the bottom. At the bottom, go through the west door. Clawshot up to the globe switch and use your Iron Boots to stop the fan.

Miniboss: Flying Lizalfos
The trick to beating this guy is to clawshot him down to you and hit him with your sword. That's about it. He's still pretty difficult though, unfortunately.

Keep Z-targeting him and make sure your clawshot is equipped. Let him circle around but don't get too far away. When he puts up his shield, shoot the clawshot at him and bring him down to slice him up. He will dance around for a while, but wait until he's in the air until you clawshot him again.

Eventually he will start flying through the ceiling holes, ready to attack every time, so you have to get ready, look around, and aim as soon as you see him, because he usually charges instantly. Keep at it until you finally destroy him.

A grate opens after you defeat the miniboss. Clawshot up to it to get the Second Clawshot! Great! Now you can clawshot while hanging onto a vine or the ceiling! It's amazing! I can't believe it's not butter!

Use your new clawshots to leave the room the way you entered it. You're back in the huge room with tons of things floating around. Make your way up the room using the clawshots and then on the top of the room, there's a globe switch. Lower yourself with the control stick while hanging from the switch, and then clawshot into the gate.

You see some pillars hanging from the ceiling with clawshot targets on their sides. You use these pillars to go across to the east. You need to be fast though because the targeted pillars sink when you grapple onto them. Use Z-targeting to get across quickly. Open the chest at the eastern platform for the Compass! Go through the next door.