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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 14a - City in the Sky

After being fired by the huge cannon that you repaired, you land in a pool of water in the City in the Sky. Go north to the door and hit the crystal switch to open it! In the first room you just need to watch out for the lighter colored floor tiles, they kind of fall down when you step on them. And since you're in the sky, its a long fall.

Grab a freaky chicken (who we will now refer to as Ooccas) and fly to the middle of the room. Clawshot up to the vine-covered pillar. Grab another freaky chicken and then fly to the north side of the room and leave.

In this room, kill the helmasaur (backslice works great) and then use another freaky chicken to make your way to the eastern door. Now you are outside. Right outside the door, take a right and clawshot across the gap to find a place to use your Spinner. Turn the gears to open a bridge going east. Clawshot back across and go across the newly formed bridge.

In this next room, you see a fenced off chest, so clawshot above it to land in front of it. Get the key out of the chest, and go west back across your bridge. You see that dragon that you saw earlier (which decides he didn't like your new bridge after all). You're eventually back to where you were before you made the bridge. Except this time you have a key, so make your way to the west door. Go outside and take a left to find another Spinner slot, and extend the west bridge. Go to the west room and unlock the door.

There is a big fan in this room, so go around it to the left and hit the crystal switch. This will let you go in the south passage in the room, so use your Iron Boots and clawshot to make it all the way to the east door.  Get the Dungeon map and go back west and then through the southern door past the fan that you shut off earlier.

All you have to do in this room is jump across to the door going south in the southwest part of the room. Just take your time and make sure the wind doesn't blow you off. Use your boomerang to take care of the tile worms. In the southwest room, you will have to fight two armored lizard men. It's easier to just push them off the ledge than to fight them, but kill them any way you can.

Once you kill the lizard men, a gate on the south wall will open up. Use your clawshot to get up there. There is a globe on the roof, so clawshot onto that and Link will pull it down as a switch, and you'll get an air current in the middle of the room. Use a freaky chicken to fly in the air current. Get up to the north door on the upper side of the room and go through it.