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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 8d - Arbiter's Grounds

Outside of the miniboss room, use the Spinner to make your way into the room up east. You come across a heart piece near a spiky swinging pole. Continue up the track and you come across a half-pipe with two more Stalfos skeletons, and a yellow rupee chest. Climb to the top of the half-pipe and use the track up there, and you'll have to jump across with B while riding the rails to avoid the spiky things! At the far end, go through the door. You see the chest with the Big Key right in front of you, so get it and then get on the rail.

You find yourself in the room with the gears in the floor. Use the spinner on the floor-gears and tap B repeatedly to activate the gear in the floor. It opens the wall on the outside edge of the room to open the north area. Go in there and ride up the rail on the wall and then jump onto the middle platform. Use the the spinner in the floor-gear (pressing B) to raise up another rail. Jump on that to go all the way up to the boss room.

Boss Battle: Twilit Fossil - Stallord
Zant is a real jerk, so of course he shows up and tries to ruin your day. He stabs what looks like the Krayt Dragon bones from Star Wars fame and somehow animates them. What. A. Jerk. He didn't mean to, but he accidentally allowed you to hone your fighting skills on this awesome boss (possibly the game's most epic).

There is a pit here so you should use your Spinner pretty much the whole time. Stallord is in the middle trying to spit toxic waste at you and hitting you with his body. Watch out for the spiky things on the rail that you use, also. So get in the rail and start going in a circle around the boss. Attack the base of his spine with B. Watch out for the skeletons he spawns, and press B to get through them. After attacking his spine three times, you will be in the clear. The sand will drain from the room, so go to the middle platform and use the Floor-gear. Raise the middle platform.

Wait a second, this jerk is coming back! He knocks you off, so you have to race along the inside track and avoid his energy balls. Jump across with B when he shoots at you. When he is close enough, press B again to jump at him with the spinner. This knocks him to the ground, so hit him with your sword! Your second trip, spiky spinners appear so watch out. After two more times hitting him with the spinner and the sword, you should have defeated him.

Congratulations, you get a heart container AND a brand new... brick. No, you don't even get a brick, only a heart container. Get over it. Head outside and you're on top of the Arbiter's Grounds. The very very top is where the Mirror Chamber is.

Five twilight monsters fall outta nowhere. The best strategy is to kill three of them and then finish only the last two with the charge-up move. Use your spinner to ride up the statue, and use it on the gear on top. Wow, a Twilight Mirror! And it works! No it doesn't, it never works. Nothing ever works around here.

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You see a big cut-scene with some sages that look awfully unfamiliar. They show you Ganondorf, who broke the mirror up like the nice guy that he is, a long time ago. Now you must gather the three remaining pieces of the Mirror of Twilight, and travel to the Twilight Realm to defeat Zant, that evil man with evil powers!

You should warp to Hyrule Castle Town and head to Telma's Bar. Or just go explore the world with your spinner, impressing the ladies and depressing the beasties!