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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 8c - Arbiter's Grounds

In the main room, go through the long-awaited north door! Defeat the fiery skulls and enter the western room. Drop down to the very bottom and defeat any enemies you encounter. Push the center turny thing to make the platform go UP twice (counter-clockwise). Go through the east passage and get a small key in a chest!

Go back to the platform and push it clockwise three times to make it all the way to the bottom of the tall room. Go through the locked southern door. Become a wolf and dash across the sand to the east, and then use your senses to kill the invisible rat jerks. Goto the southwest corner of the room and pull the lever back as a human. Let go and become a wolf, and run to the north and east, avoiding the spike barriers as they come up.

Make your way to the southern room before the wall blocks your way again. Goto the path to the east. Avoid the spinning things near the walls and pass when its clear. Stop in the middle platform and defeat bugs on you. At the end of this hall, roll across the sand to the south and get Ooccoo from a pot.

Now roll to the north and enter the northern room. Use a spin attack to kill the tiny bugs as they approach. You see a large pole spinning around the middle of the room, but if you stand on the brown tiles around the room, you're safe. Go north and kill the two skeleton guys (remember to finish them with bombs). Roll over the sand to the western platform and kill the third skeleton. Bomb it to finish the skeleton, and then the gate in the previous area opens. Go back to the spinning pole room and go through the gate that just opened.

Use your clawshot in this room so you don't sink in the sand. At the north part of the hall, jump across the gap to the other side and go up the stairs. Go to the next room. Go forward and cut one of those ropes, and the invisible swordsman decides to fight.

Miniboss: Death Sword
This is the first miniboss you need to use your wolf form on. Go in your wolf form for the first part of the battle and use your senses to see him. Dodge him by moving back and forth. Once you successfully dodge him, jump attack him and latch on with your jaws and sink in. After you bite him enough, he makes himself visible. Shoot him with an arrow in human form, and he will fall down and fight you on foot. After he misses you he will fall over, so hit his head with a sword a bunch. After doing this a few times, he finally meets his end (for the second time since he was already a ghost in the first place).

After defeating he miniboss, go through the gate ahead of you and jump down for the item of the level. The Spinner! It's an awesome top that you can use with gear paths to find new places. And you can also use B while riding to do a kind of spin attack. But the main function is to ride along the rails in the dungeon, so go ahead and ride along the rail on the wall to get out of here. On the rails, B jumps away from the wall and A just lets you fall where you are.