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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part8b - Arbiter's Grounds

In the second floor room, open the big chest in the south to find the compass. In the middle of the room, there is a statue. Push the pedestal in front of it clockwise to move the walls. Break through the western wood barrier and kill a zombie. Open the chest for a small key and then head east and unlock the door, and go through it. Make your way around this room while killing a bunch of skeleton guys. After killing the enemies use your wolf senses to sniff out the Poe. You have to dig in a spot near a wall to find a lever. Pull it to reveal a secret wall.

The third Poe is in the secret area. Kill it to make another torch light up. Become a human and keep going to the northern room. Go down the steps to the middle area of the northern room and open a chest to the right for a small key! Become a wolf after you get the key and use your senses (INVISIBLE JERKS ARE ATTACKING YOU, AND SLOWING YOU DOWN).

Use a spin attack to defeat the invisible jerks and then become human and walk along the outside wall of the room, and jump across the gap to reach the locked door. Go through it and continue into the eastern room. Jump across the chandelier in the main room to goto the opposite edge and enter that room.

Go down the steps and drop to the lower area. Push the large block forward all the way and then climb onto the block and watch out for sand enemies (they can jump). Pull the lever all the way back and stand directly under the chandelier (the point of this is to let the chandelier fall on you, except you are standing in a gap of the chandelier). Stand under the chandelier on a slightly lowered part of the ledge. Climb onto the north side of the chandelier and jump to the eastern ledge. Go through the door into that room.

Go forward and kill the skeleton knight. Use the shield attack and Helm Splitter if you've got it. YOU MUST USE A BOMB to completely destroy it, or else it just keeps coming back. Break all the wooden walls and get some chests for bombs and then goto the south room. In the south room, you see six torches. You can use your wolf senses to see which torches to light. If your nose is stuffed though because of allergies, light the front torch (the one by itself) and then the torch on the far right (west). Head through the western door.

Use your senses to find the fourth Poe. It splits into four Poes (this isn't familiar at all, is it?) so you must figure out which one is real. The real one becomes solid and attacks you (the color is lighter than the others). Attack it twice to defeat it. Now the main room's north door has been opened (all four torches are lit). From your current location, go into the northern room and then clawshot to the west door to goto the main room.