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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 8a - Arbiter's Grounds

This Walkthrough explains how to get through the Arbiter's Grounds in Gerudo Desert!

Walking into the Arbiter's Grounds from the desert, you see the moving sand and all the enemies that burrow in it. If you touch the moving sand, you start to sink. If you sink too far it is like falling in a pit, and you start at the beginning of the room. Use the clawshot on the eastern wall target and jump across the ledges in the middle area. Roll on the sand to get across the moving sand (to the western ledge). Use the clawshot to pull the lever towards you. Pull it to open the gate.

Go through the north gate. Go up the hill and the path splits. On the left you can grab some more lantern oil, then break the planks on the east doorway and go to that room. Go across the room and grab the chest with the key. Go back to where the path splits and unlock the north door.

Use your lantern to see in this room and make your way through all the skeletons. By the next door, there are two torches, so light them to open the way to the next room. In the next room, go forward and four Poes will leave the room and steal flames from the torches. Now you must find all four Poes. To find a Poe, use your wolf senses. The first Poe is in the room that they stole the fire in. Kill the Poe and then sniff it to find the Poe's Scent.

Get the Dungeon map from the northeast part of the room. Use your wolf sense to see the scent of the Poe (a purple path for you to follow). Follow a Poe scent path to the ground in the west and dig through there to find a big lever. Pull it to make stairs appear. Go downstairs as a human. Kill the flying skull and there is a small wall that you can push in the middle of the room. Push it clockwise to reveal the north alcove. Kill the zombie and get the chest with the key. LOOK UP! You can use your clawshot through a hole on the roof. So use it!

Now you are back on the first floor so go to the northern room. Kill the skull enemies and become a wolf and follow the Poe smell to a lantern. Kill it and get its soul. Go back to the room where you pushed the wall and killed the zombie. Drop through the hole in the floor and push the wall counter-clockwise (so it is back to normal). Go back upstairs to the room where the four poes first disappeared. Now go through the western room and unlock the western door (the key was downstairs in the north alcove).

Make your way across the north by rolling across the sand. Get onto the higher platform to find a block you can pull. Move it to the east until it falls off the platform. Pull the block back four times and then push it all the way to the west. Go up the steps on the left ledge and then jump across to the chained lever. Pull it all the way back to raise the giant spiky chandelier. Once you pull it back all the way, run under the chandelier before it falls again. Kill the enemies and go up to the second floor.