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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 5c - Save The Carriage

Now talk to the light spirit to get a cut-scene which I think is the second best in the game. After that, goto the floating island house and talk to the cannon-master, Fyer. Pay 10 rupees to get out of Lake Hylia. Head to Hyrule Castle Town. You get more useless letters from the postman. The bomb shop has new bombs (which you need). On your way in, stop by the golden wolf you summoned earlier to find out the Back Slice! Now enter the town.
Zelda Twilight Princess Help
This guy isn't weird at all.

Head to Telma's Bar and talk to Telma. You meet Ralis also, and get to see Ilia! She's so happy you're there, she just doesn't know it. You've got to take these suckers back to Kakariko, but of course there is no train or bus in Hyrule, so they have to go by horse-drawn carriage.

This part is the most exciting part of the game, if by exciting you mean pretty frustrating sometimes. Pretty much the horse carriage will get shot at by fire arrows and you need to put out the fire with your boomerang before the carriage loses all its health. So leave Hyrule and cross the Great Bridge of Hylia. You fight the Moblin King again. This time you have to use your arrows when he runs towards you. Shoot him a few times to knock him off. Right to the face!

Zelda Twilight Princess Help
Shoot him in the face. With an arrow.

Now continuing on the trail you have to go through a canyon, unlock a door and then make it across Hyrule Field to Kakariko. Use the boomerang on the carriage whenever it is on fire, and kill the enemies as fast as possible. Stick with the carriage to attack the nearby enemies (enemies don't matter unless they are attacking the carriage). Be sure to attack all of the birds (pictured), as they like to drop bombs in front of the carriage.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help
This bird was very annoying to me. Where did he get his bomb anyway?

When you make it to Kakariko, you find out Ralis will be ok. His mom's ghost will appear again so follow it to the graveyard. Crawl through the crawlspace that appears behind the last tombstone, and swim across the pond. (pictured) You will get Zora Armor which is totally awesome. You can pretty much swim fast underwater (you even get flippers from Zelda 3)! You never run out of air underwater, but you are more vulnerable to fire and ice attacks.

Zelda Twilight Princess HelpZelda Twilight Princess Help

Go back to the village and to the bomb shop. Sell back whatever bombs you have and buy the water bombs. You can only hold 15 but hey you win some, you lose some. Now it's time to head back to Lake Hylia. So call your horse and ride on into the sunset (or sunrise, or mid-day sun). Once you get to Lake Hylia, jump into the middle and put on your Iron Boots. Swim to the bottom of the lake (pictured). Walk over to the entrance to the Lakebed Temple.

Go all the way to the bottom of the entrance and go near the door. Place a water bomb on the rocky circle to create a water current that goes upwards. Place another bomb on that and it should float to the entrance. with the right timing you can blow the entrance open.

Now enter the Lakebed Temple.