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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 5b - Lake Hylia Bugs

Surprisingly, you have to find some freakin' insects, once again.

Don't worry, these are the last of them! This bug hunt has the most difficult to find, though.

Alright lets get this over with:

Insect 1: It's going up the bridge right when you leave the spring so go get it!

Insect 2: The floating wooden island northeast of the spring.

Insect 3: Go back towards the spring and you come across another trio of Twilight Monsters. Kill them and climb up to the rock area (pictured, look at map icon) to get number 3.

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Insect 4: On a remote island to the west!

Zelda Twilight Princess Help
Howl near the eagle flowers for massive damage!

Insects 5, 6, 7, 8: On this remote island, you can howl near the patch of hawk grass to call your old flying buddy back to service. You will need to fly all the way back up the river, but this time killing insects as you go. Use Z-targeting and ram them with A and you get the tears automatically. Get all four and then make it up the river.

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Use Z-targeting for those bugs while you fly in the cave. Makes life easy.

Insect 9: Listen to the person in front of the boat house for number 9

There is another wolf stone which you need to get right here. Go north of the canoe rental and its on an overhanging cliff! Repeat the melody and a golden wolf will appear next to Hyrule Castle Town.

Insect 10: Warp to Zora's Domain and it is on the wall (you must dash into the wall to make him fall!) (pictured - check out map)

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Insects 11, 12, 13, 14: Leave the throne room and jump down the waterfall. Number 11 and 12 are on the lily pads at the bottom of the waterfall. Number 13 is on the strip of land right above water level. To get to 13, long jump up the waterfall and goto its west side near a chest, and jump down to find it. Number 14 is further up the waterfall. Keep long jumping until you come across some green rupees off to the side. Follow the rupees and jump off the ledge, and follow that path to number 14. (pictured)

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You must take both paths to find bugs 13 and 14.

Insect 15 (Hard): Outside the boathouse, listen to the two Zora guards spirits, and they will go to the stream moving southwest. You find yourself in Hyrule field, so go back into the castle town. You fight more monsters on the way in, to make another warp. Goto the bar (use the scent if you need to) and outside the bar, break a few crates with the spin move. Midna will point out the last one on your map, so warp back to the lake.

Insect 16 (Hard): After warping to the lake, swim over to the white marker on your map. Yes, it's a big insect. And yes, it doesn't like you. You must dodge it by moving from one side of a platform to the other side. When she isn't glowing with electricity jump on her and bite her. She will start floating on her back after a few biting sessions. Jump on her stomach and charge with B to attack all of her tentacles at once (yes this actually took me 5 minutes to figure out).

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Wuh-oh.... trouble is coming your way!

Great! No more insects! And no more Twilight!