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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 5a - Dried Lake

After beating the Goron Mines, you return to the Kakariko spring. Goto the bomb shop in the north part of town and buy a bomb bag for 120 rupees.

Leave Kakariko through the northeast and goto the Eldin Province.

Head to the northwest and cross the bridge, which disappears and twilight monsters will appear. Make sure you kill them (use a spin attack) so that you can warp the bridge piece back here later. Now proceed into the Twilight Realm.

Warning: Do Not Save And Quit until you enter the twilight realm (a glitch might prevent you from progressing past the bridge)

Follow the path until you see the bag on the ground. Use your senses to learn the scent of Ilia. Follow the scent all the way to the Hyrule Castle Town. Follow the scent all the way to the tavern (Telma's).

Use your senses to see the spirits inside and go listen to the guards and look at the map on the table. Now it's time to goto Lake Hylia. Leave the Castle Town and leave through the east gate.

Head east and then south, until you come across the Great Bridge of Hylia over the lake. Go across until a goblin starts burning you off the bridge (pictured). Push the crate to the edge and climb on top of it, and then jump off the bridge.

You fall into Lake Hylia, which is pretty low.  Check the nearby house and listen to the spirit there. He will look at a twilit monster, so go check it out. Just Z-target Zelda Twilight Princess Helpand circle him while he's flying (pictured), avoiding arrows. Jump attack when he's close to you. Midna will let you ride him afterwards and you can ride up the river.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

While flying up the river, don't hit anything or you fall off. Once you exit, you arrive at the Upper Zora's River. Drop to the river bottom and go east to Zora's Domain. Go north and use a Midna-jump to where the waterfall would be (pictured) and use a series of Midna-jumps to get all the way to the top. You are now in Zora's Throne Room. In the throne room there are some monsters, so kill them to open up a warp.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

You need to melt the ice, so you need to warp something really hot onto the ice. Lets think... A gigantic molten rock almost fell on you on Death Mountain right? (pictured)

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

 Warp there, and grab the rock, and warp back. A Zora spirit shows up and tells you to save her son. He's a prince! Swim back to Lake Hylia. You end up right in front of the spirit spring. Go inside the cave and talk to the last light spirit.