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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 3b - Goron Trouble!

In Kakariko, after you talk with the light spirit there, you meet up with all the kids, the Shaman, the Bomb-Maker, and the Shaman's Daughter. Now to go bother some Gorons! Head back up Death Mountain. Climb up the grate and try to wrangle that Goron there! Well you aren't heavy enough, so you'll need some advice from a friend! Go back to Kakariko. Talk to the Shaman and he will tell you where to go. Try to leave Kakariko and then guess who shows up! Your horse (pictured)! Anyway, you need to tame your horse again to calm her down.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help
C-c-c-calm d-d-down g-g-girl....

Hop on top of the horse and move the control stick in the right direction and press A when required, and you'll have your horse in no time at all! Now that you have your horse, you can gallop on over to your hometown of Ordon Village. Atleast you don't have to walk there! You should find the golden wolf that you howled with on Death Mountain near the spring in Ordon Woods. He will teach you a new move, so you should really get those wolf guys as you see them.

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

Enter your village and talk to the mayor. He will teach you all he knows about sumo-wrestling so you can finally defeat the Gorons (pictured). Beat the mayor twice to find out that it doesn't really matter because Gorons are made of rocks. He gives you the Iron Boots to sway the outcome of the fight. Now head back to Kakariko. When you enter the village though, you get a pretty nice cut-scene (one of the best in the game, in my opinion).

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Alright now you know what you have to do. This will be the second time you rescued that kid, so make it count! Head out the northeast exit and follow the moblins. You should ignore the followers and go after the leader. The trick to hitting him is just to get right next to him and swing your sword (pictured). Try using your spin attack. Easy as pie. After you damage him enough you get to fight him on the bridge.

Jousting is a very difficult sport, especially when you fall off a giant bridge if you get hit. The moblin will try to swerve and hit you, so you must just barely avoid his weapon, and swing your sword right when he passes you (pictured). If you hit him twice, you win! Great job!

Zelda Twilight Princess HelpZelda Twilight Princess Help

Now before you continue on, you should get the Hylian Shield. It's actually made of metal (good idea for all you volcano-hoppers) and it will never break. It's a paltry sum at 200 rupees but it will be the last sword you ever have to buy. Time to head up the ole' Death Mountain!

When the guard tries to push you back, you can now defeat him! (pictured) Put on your Iron Boots and throw him aside like the goat that he is! Well he's not technically a goat, but you know. The goat he smells like. Continue until you get to the steam vents. Watch out for rolling gorons, you have to throw them all to the side like the first one. There will be goblins shooting at you, so use the hawk grass to shoot hawks at them! Great fun!

At the Goron village, the Gorons still aren't your friends. You need to push them aside with your Shield bash or guard and then attack with your sword. They will curl up and you can climb on them and get a big boost and fly for a couple seconds. You have to use this tactic to get to the top of the mountain. If you are low on hearts, goto the hot spring.

Enter the top of the mountain and challenge Cor Goron (the Goron Boss) will challenge you to sumo wrestle. You should put on your iron boots or you will lose no matter what. After you defeat him, you get access to the next dungeon! Yay!