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Zelda Twilight Princess Walkthrough - Part 3a - Kakariko's Bugs

You leave the Forest Temple and you are now in Faron Woods. Go to the lamp salesman's shack and then continue north until you get to Hyrule Field.

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The postman is evil.

You meet the postman (pictured) eventually and he'll give you meaningless letters - get used to it. Continue west to Kakariko Gorge.

Enter the Twilight Realm at Kakariko Gorge. Continue until you find your wooden sword, and you need to use your senses and sniff so you can find the youth's scent. You can only remember one scent at a time, but you usually only need one anyway.

Keep using your senses and follow the scent trail until you have to fight some Twilight Monsters. Defeat them and find out that the bridge is gone. Midna will explain you can warp stuff, so warp back to the north part of Faron Woods (pictured).

Zelda Twilight Princess Help

Press UP on the directional pad to summon Midna when you are near the bridge piece, and warp it back to the bridge (pictured).

Keep following the scents until you get to a big gate. Use your senses and dig, kill the goblins, and then enter. Kill the three monsters and head to the nearby spring. Time to hunt for some more insects!

Zelda Twilight Princess HelpZelda Twilight Princess Help

Insects number 1, 2, 3: Use a Midna-jump to get ontop of the first house you see. Fall through the roof, grab a stick, light it up on a flame, and light the four torches (pictured). You can now goto the basement. They are all three downstairs! Get them and long jump out of the basement.

Insect 4: You arrive in the graveyard, you have to dig up this insect with your senses. Kill it and go back to the main street.

Insect 5: Go north until you get to the bomb shop with the sign. Climb onto the shed on the right side of the shop, and leap through the window, breaking the glass. Ram into the upstairs cabinet and leave through the second floor window.

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Insects 6, 7, 8: Climb across the balcony to find yourself above and behind the shop. Insect 6 will crawl into a building. Go through the crawlspace and light the fireplace inside. (pictured) Get out of there immediately, its a FREAKING BOMB STOREHOUSE! You get the tears from the insects automatically in the rubble! Great job!

Insect 9: Climb up the mountainside pathway and dig at the side of the house to enter it. Break some pottery to find number 9.

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Insect 10: Near the blown up building, there is a small wood platform (pictured) near the cliff. Jump off it to the roof below, and fall through the roof. The insect is under a crate, so you have to push it. Now leave with a Midna-jump!

Insect 11: Time for the other side of the town. Goto the shop (the first building on the right when you enter the town). Climb on the shelves and break a box for the insect.

Insects 12, 13: Go up the hill next to the store, and jump across the balcony to enter the Inn. Light the fireplace on fire to find number 12. Goto the next room and kill the goblins. Ram a wall upstairs to get 13. Leave the Inn.

Insect 14: The last three are on Death Mountain, so goto the northwest village exit to goto Death Mountain. Do a Midna-jump up the huge barrier. Near the steam vents you dig up bug 14.

Near the steam vent, a Wolf Stone will appear. Go up to it and Howl with A, and follow along with the melody and it will tell you to meet you in human form somewhere.

Insects 15, 16: Continue up the mountain, killing the next group of Twilight Monsters in the clearing. Dash into the steel grating to find number 15. Jump on top of the grating, and keep going until you can do another long jump. Jump down into the hot springs whenever you see the Goron spirit. Kill bug 16 to be warped back to Kakariko Village.