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Heart Piece for Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii

Twilight Princess itemsThis page describes the Heart Piece Locations for Zelda: Twilight Princess. There are forty-five (45) known heart pieces. It's very unlikely that there are more, seeing as how no Zelda game has ever had three rows of hearts!

In this game, hearts are split into five pieces, instead of the normal four pieces. That means you need to find more heart pieces than previous games to complete a whole heart container! Tough life!

Heart Piece Locations, Part 2

Heart Piece Number 10
Located at: Kakariko Village
Item Needed: Iron Boots
Information: Bomb the south cave entrance in Kakariko and run past the chickens to the pond. Use your Iron Boots to sink and open up the chest.

Heart Piece Number 11
Located at: Kakariko Village
Items Needed: Bomb Arrow Combo and Boomerang
Information: Shoot the rocks way above the rock in #10 and then use your boomerang to grab it.

Heart Piece Number 12
Located at: West Hyrule Field
Items Needed: Bombs, Clawshot
Information: When exiting Kakariko to the north, you will come across a rock on your left. Blow it up and follow the path (blowing up another rock and jumping to vines) and then drop down at the end for a chest!

Heart Piece Number 13
Located at: Water Temple
Item Needed: Clawshot
Information: On top of the chandelier in the main staircase room, get there with your clawshot.

Heart Piece Number 14
Located at: Water Temple
Item Needed: Clawshot
Information: After making both water sources flow, make the water goto the lower western side. This will raise a bridge in the western side allowing you to reach a cove with the heart piece.

Heart Piece Number 15
Located at: Lake Hylia (Spirit Spring)
Item Needed: Clawshot
Information: Use the clawshot to reach the upper back portion of the Spirit Spring. Light the torches for the heart piece.

Heart Piece Number 16
Located at: Lake Hylia (Southern Cave)
Items Needed: Bombs, Lantern Oil
Information: South of the Wolf Stone in Lake Hylia there is a wall to bomb. Go through the cave and light all the torches to get the heart piece.

Heart Piece Number 17
Located at: Eastern Hyrule Field (past Eldin Bridge)
Items Needed: Clawshot, Bombs, Arrows, Iron Boots
Information: North of Eldin Bridge, there is a cliff you can clawshot onto. Go through this cave, using your Iron Boots also to find the heart piece in a chest.

Heart Piece Number 18
Located at: Desert (Outside of Arbiter's Grounds)
Information: Destroy the pig on a spit.