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Heart Piece for Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii

Twilight Princess itemsThis page describes the Heart Piece Locations for Zelda: Twilight Princess. There are forty-five (45) known heart pieces. It's very unlikely that there are more, seeing as how no Zelda game has ever had three rows of hearts!

In this game, hearts are split into five pieces, instead of the normal four pieces. That means you need to find more heart pieces than previous games to complete a whole heart container! Tough life!

Heart Piece Locations, Part 1

Heart Piece Number 1
Located at: Northern Faron Woods, bog area.
Item Needed: Lantern
Information: In the Northwest area of the Purplish haze there is a cave. Light the two torches to make it appear.

Heart Piece Number 2
Located at: Forest Temple
Information: An extra flower-creature needs to have a bomb stuffed inside it, because it is guarding a chest with the heart piece. It is in the room right before you free the third monkey.

Heart Piece Number 3
Located at: Forest Temple
Item Needed: Boomerang
Information: Light the four torches where you first find the tile-beasts in the Forest-Temple.

Heart Piece Number 4
Located at: Southern Hyrule Field
Item Needed: Boomerang
Information: There is a tree in a grove just south of a bridge. Look up and use your boomerang to grab it.

Heart Piece Number 5
Located at: Kakariko Gorge
Item Needed: Boomerang
Information: Tall rock formation to the north east with the heart container on it. Use your boomerang

Heart Piece Number 6
Located at: Ordon Village
Item Needed: Epona (After Goron Mines)
Information: Herd goats after Goron Mines in under 3:00 to get a heart piece from your Uncle or whoever that guy really is? Your employer? I don't know.

Heart Piece Number 7
Located at: Goron Mines
Item Needed: Iron Boots
Information: After talking with the first Goron Elder, walk on the ceiling in the next room to the top left area of the map (it looks like a dead-end). Drop down to get the chest.

Heart Piece Number 8
Located at: Goron Mines
Item Needed: Iron Boots
Information: A room with two beam-guy statues, go up the wall to your right and take the right fork to get the chest.

Heart Piece Number 9
Located at: Kakariko Village (After Goron Mines)
Item Needed: Bow
Information: Use the Gorons and ladders to get to the top of the town (where the kid is). Talk to the kid for a target practice mini-game. Complete it for the heart.